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Long-lasting decorative edging that serves a purpose in everyday yard work!

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Why Concrete Landscape Edging?

Elevate Your Home's Value and Enhance Curb Appeal!

Say Goodbye to Mulch and Rock Washouts.

Significantly Reduce the Need for Weed Whipping.

Choose from an Array of Patterns and Colors to Achieve the Ideal Curb Profile that Complements Your Home's Aesthetics.

Finished Landscape Edging Projects

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The Process

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When we arrive….

When arriving on site, our professionally trained crew leads will markup the job site with orange marking paint. This gives ours customers a visual of the final product and allows them to make tweaks before installation.


Let’s get prepping! Bed Edging comes first!

Leveling and compacting the dirt to make sure the curb has a stable base is next . . . A stable base is key for structural support!


We enhance durability and reduce cracking by introducing specialized chemicals. Our precision extruder then crafts the curb seamlessly. For added strength and stability, galvanized cable reinforcement is integrated. Finally, meticulous trowel finishing smooths out any imperfections, ensuring a flawless result.

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Powder Release is thrown to add extra color and a more natural look to your curb! Pick a print that catches your eye and we will make it happen!


Last but most importantly…

Industrial Grade Concrete Sealer is essential to what we do! Concrete sealer ensures your curb’s life span is extended. The sealer will prevent water and other substances from penetrating the curb and destroying it from the inside out!

All of our curbs come with a generous 2 coats to ensure our customer’s satisfaction not today or tomorrow but for years to come!

Concrete Curb Profile

Top Quality Materials, For Long-Lasting Results

AE Landscape Borders goes beyond by enhancing curb durability with added chemicals and galvanized cable for structural support. Powder release adds color, while industrial-grade concrete sealer ensures long-lasting protection. With two generous coats, customer satisfaction is guaranteed for years.

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