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Our Mission Is to #CurbThePlanet

AE Was Started By Hometown Best Friends With a Love for Home Improvement

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Why Choose AE Landscape Borders?

In a world full of claims, AE Landscape Borders is your trustworthy partner for a home transformation. We take pride in being not just professional, but also in building genuine connections with homeowners like you.

Our commitment to detail is unparalleled, ensuring that every step – from your first call to the exciting moment you see your landscape curb – is marked by smiles and satisfaction. No shortcuts here; it’s all about doing it right the first time, hassle-free. Trust AE Landscape Borders to bring a personal touch to your home exterior, making it a space you’ll love for years to come.

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Dream It.

High School best friends who dropped out of college to pursue a service they thought people needed! Loving what they do while also bringing a must have product to the everyday consumers life is an awesome combo.

Start It.

Armor Edge “AE” Landscape Borders was established in 2021. A lot of driving, headaches, and a little sweat – owners Sean and Parker have a product that doesn’t just look amazing but is practical and durable as well.

Grow It.

Growing at a rapid pace, AE Landscape Borders started out of a small corner of a shop with only a few materials! Now running full steam on a mission to #curbtheplanet.

Meet The Owners


Parker Magee

A former student at The University of Wisconsin Whitewater; he dropped out of college to pursue his passion in entrepreneurship. A strong interest in home improvement led Parker to co-found AE Landscape Borders. His leadership qualities and attention to detail are critical to the business.


Sean Ormiston

A former student-athlete at The University of Iowa, Sean joined Parker as they formed a bold business idea: skip Business Lecture 101 and build their own company from the ground up. Sean’s relentless work ethic and great people skills make him a superstar in a growing company.

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